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Which fabrics are best for my rocking chair?


When you are shopping for rocking chairs, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of different upholstery fabrics available and it would be hard to choose the best match for your needs. In this article we will talk about different fabrics and the basic features of each one:

  1. Natural linen:

Natural linen is better suited for adult seating areas because it soils and wrinkles easily. It resists pilling and fading but will wear rather fast. Natural linen should be professionally cleaned to avoid shrinkage.

  1. Vinyl:

Vinyl is easier to care for and less expensive than leather. It suits households where there are children and pets. It can be damp cleaned and gently vacuumed. It will resist staining but can be easily torn with sharp objects. It is not preferred for outdoor rocking chairs as it tends to dry. It is also going to get affected by the temperature, meaning that it will feel hot in hot weather and cold in cold weather. The durability of vinyl will depend on its quality.

  1. Wool:

Wool is sturdy and durable. It is often combined with synthetic fibers to avoid felting. It offers good resistance to wrinkling, fading, pilling and soil. Wool blends can be spot cleaned when necessary. It is warm and cozy and can be used in the living room or the bedroom.

  1. Silk:

Silk should be used only in adult seating areas because it can soil easily. Silk rocking chairs are very elegant and will add a rich touch to any home but they are very difficult to care for.  Silk chairs will stay cool and will give an unmatched sense of elegance.

  1. Acetate:

This fabric developed to imitate silk but it resists shrinking and mildew. It shouldn’t however be chosen if your rocking chair is going to be used heavily. The colors also fade in the sun so it should be avoided if you plan on keeping your rocking chair in the porch.

  1. Acrylic:

This fabric imitates wool without all the shortcomings of the natural fabric. It resists wear, soiling, fading and pilling. The best fabrics are of high quality and would probably last for a very long time.

  1. Nylon:

Nylon is rarely used alone but it can be combined with other fibers to be one of the most durable upholstery fabrics. It doesn’t soil or wrinkle and is suitable for outdoor rocking chairs. It doesn’t shrink or fade in the sun.

  1. Olefin:

This is a good choice for rocking chairs that will receive heavy wear. It colors fast and the dyes stay stable. It resists staining, mildew and abrasion.

Understanding your situation and needs will help you choose the right upholstery fabric. No matter what you choose, your rocking chairs will always be elegant and unique.