A Condo or A House? Definitely A Condo- Top Reasons Why

A Condo or A House? Definitely A Condo- Top Reasons Why

Nowadays, condos have been popping up mushrooms and for a good reason too, if you want to know why buying one of Burnaby condos would be a wise idea, read on.

Luxury and comfort

One of the best things about condos is the fact that they come with so many amenities and amzing features you just would not find in any house. Things like luxury, comfort and security make condos a great and practical investment.


Getting a condo is now very accessible to a lot of people in different age groups and even though you might think condos are suited for singles, small families or newlyweds, most people are looking to live the city life and the condos are the best choice. If you work in the city, you might also prefer to live in a condo because the location and accessibility. Most of the condos are within Burnaby city and living here will mean an easy location to the mall, entertainment areas, hospitals, schools as well as commercial establishments.

Very quick re-selling features

One of the really good things about condos is that they have very good reselling features. Simply put, the reason why you like and buy the condo will be the reason why the buy will buy it from you. One the great features is the location because it is quite hard to find houses in such a prime location. The location of a house and a condo can make a lot of difference.

A great investment

Living in the city comes with its advantages because the condos will only increase value. In the future should you desire to move, you will have the choice to resell the house without having to worry about equities at all. If you decide to choose a condo over a house then you should know that a condo is a more practical investment that a house would be. Once you resell, even when you are the landlord, you will still not have to worry about upkeep and maintenance.

Most people’s preference

Daily long travel and so much traffic is not the idea of a good day’s start for most people and when you get a house, this is just what you get. The fact that it is harder to get a house close to the city means you would need to travel to-and-from work every day. On the other hand, if you get a condo, life will become a whole lot easier because you don’t have to deal with things like traffic and you get security services as well.


Now that you a condo is the best choice, you can shop for one of the numerous Burnaby condos.


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