A feeling that enhances your soul

A feeling that enhances your soul

Just like the feeling you get when you spot magnificent love pictures, this emotion is so strong that it can enhance your soul and make you feel such a valuable person. This results from the fact that love is a matter of values that have to do with connecting with others and, in many cases, giving up our own selfish wishes in order to make someone else happy. Among these values, we can find generosity, honesty, altruism, patience and support. Without considering them, love can sometimes feel a bit worthless.

Different shades of love

There is an unimaginably open diversity of the ways in which love can be lived. An average person experiences this feeling in different manners through the course of his or her life and every single way to feel love is different from any other. From childhood to adulthood, we rejoice to see that someone we love loves us back; we get our heart broken in a million pieces when that love is not requited and we grow up to be young adults along with the love of our parents. Those are all strong and very different ways to live this feeling. Over the years, cinema, photography and other means of media have been able to depict this emotional state very realistically.

Stages of love

This breathtaking feeling does not seem to be substantially the same over the period of time it lasts.  For instance, a couple experiences a huge flow of hormones when they start to be with each other; after some time, this hormonal state starts to give up its control over the body and these people learn other ways to palpate the love that joins them.

How nice couples’ love looks

No matter in what stage of their relationship two people find themselves, they surely know how to live it and how to cope with the changes their connection may face. As we have said before, these different phases have been portrayed by the film and photography industries since we have use of reason. This is because such images are delightful at the spectator’s eyes. If someone watches a romantic movie or goes over loving pictures, it is because either he or she remembers a nice past or current relationship or they are willing to experiment such a strong emotion with someone else. It is very heart-melting to contemplate some love pictures, regardless of your motivation to do so.

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