Written by S.M. Reid
Saturday, 02 June 2007 14:47
Welcome to People Against Censorship.

About PAC

People Against Censorship was started in April of 2007 by Debbie Wolf and Franklyn Strachan as a response to the firing of Don Imus which was a result of pressure from interest groups after Imus made on-air comments they found “offensive”.   Soon thereafter, radio personalities JV and Elvis were fired for comments that offended another group, and several other organizations and individuals were calling for the firing of other talk show hosts  based on their views and comments..

Frustrated with the crippling “politically correct” climate that ensued after Imus was fired, where the power of these small special interest groups over large companies continued to grow, Ms. Wolf and Mr. Strachan formed People Against Censorship as a counter-organization, and created this website.

Within its first month, P.A.C. gained over 13,000 members and received national exposure on CNN Headline News, the Fox Radio Network, and countless newspapers.   These members have come together–  not in support of any particular message of a particular broadcaster or artist– but to preserve and protect the creative freedom and free expression necessary to practice any form of art regardless of its medium.


Who are We?

We are an organization of people from all backgrounds, races, religions and ethnicity,  from every state and from several countries including Canada, England and Australia.  Our members are bonded by the common interest of supporting free broadcast and expression particularly in radio,  but also as it applies to all forms of media. PAC formed in response to the wrongful firing of Don Imus and our members vehemently oppose all forms of media censorship, whether initiated by our government, corporations, or special interest groups.


Our Mission

To oppose censorship of broadcast radio, satellite radio and all other forms of media whether that censorship originates from government, special interest groups, media or corporations.

To educate the public of the dangers of censorship regardless of its source.

To counteract the effect of special interest groups who seek the firing or or reprimand of on-air talent for expressing their views.

To provide a counterpart to groups whose oversensitivity poses a threat to the free exchange of ideas and free speech that is so integral to our society’s well being.

To further educate the public about the importance of free speech, free expression, and free media, and that there are better means of opposing offensive or insensitive speech, than censorship.

To mobilize our members through protests, letter writing campaigns, and public relations campaigns to achieve our goals.