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LG 360 camera is the new camera revolution


LG 360 camera is the new camera revolution

The technology is ever changing and in these few years, technology has adopted a very high pace in bringing change and revolution in present era. Photography has also likewise evolved in a much more emphasized manner. Social media and over interaction has made this particular field even excelled in past few years. The new technology in this context is no doubt 360-deegree recordings. Photography has gone far beyond than mere still images. It has now evolved to much more interactive mode of expression than ever before.  Many companies are excelling in this technology. Things have been changed a great deal with headways in advancements and by watching such changes now makers are attempting to plan most recent items for client’s help with the creation and survey of round 360-degree recordings. If you are looking for 360-degree video recorder camera, then you can get yourself satisfied with new LG 360 camera. Let’s have a look at what LG 360 camera has to offer for our 360 degree capturing ventures.

Introduction to new LG 360 Camera

Wherever we look there’s a LG-marked gadget nowadays, so we were not astounded to learn of the LG 360 camera as well. Do you know what’s astonishing? The cost. The camera is available in only $199.

Design of LG 360 camera

The principal appearance of LG 360 camera caries grin all over with its minimized outline and exceptionally lightweight development. It gives you an inclination to you for going into the marvelous universe of 360-degree recordings. In the event that you contrast it against different contenders then it will look to some degree like Ricoh Theta camera with easily slide able plastic sheet on focal points while shielding them from slipping off your pocket. At whatever point you have to shoot another video, Just click on camera button like traditional camera and there you go with ultimate filming experience in 360-degress.

Specifications of LG 360 Camera

This camera is very much like Ricoh Theta S. with two opposite facing sensors equipped with fish-eye lens, LG 360 camera can capture full spherical view. With 13-megapixcel camera and 206-degree rotation, it offers a photography technology of next generation. Besides it similarity to Ricoh Theta S, LG 360 camera beats its rival in terms of quality and resolution. This camera has now no doubt been the most advanced innovation in 360- degree photography.