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Cool website for grade computation

What else is there to say about final grade calculator websites? Well, nothing more after what this one is brought to the table. I spent a good week researching all the different ones, and looking for different ones that I thought might be hidden in the depths of the corners of the internet, and I found only one that was truly exceptional in every category. I’m of course speaking of the final grade percentage calculator, that is linked in this article. It is so simple and effective, it is so perfect in terms of doing what it wants to do in a perfect way. It provides a bit of context. It explains that academic authorities typically way their elements of course work in different why is this important? Well it’s simple to explain. Because it’s hard to tell the fact that your final exam will be worth more in one course than another, and how that affects the current grade you hold in each of these two states courses. It seems complicated, but this website makes it simple. Basically, what it does, is it tells you exactly what you need to score on your final exam to obtain, or octane a specific mark of your choice in any specific course that you were in. So what you do is you enter your current grade, the grade you want, and the worse or weight of your final exam. With just those three pieces of information you will get the answers and regards to what you need to score as a grade on your final exam to achieve the grade that you want in the course…  Yes this complicated amount of work and calculation is done simply with only 3 pieces of information, and it’s done automatically and instantly. What more could you ask for?


4 Special Ways to Use Bluetooth Beacons for Travel

Bluetooth beacons are tiny transmitters powered by a battery which broadcasts messages through a low-energy Bluetooth antenna. It is like a Bluetooth headset, although there is no broadcasting of music. Instead, it sends a unique ID no to a compatible app on the smartphone of wearers. The app can check out the location of the specific beacon and send out information on the basis of the user’s location. BT beacons are one of the hottest new tools in the travel and hospitality industry, and here are 4 special ways you can put them to use. Bluetooth beacons have been implemented at YVR by Indexsy, a Vancouver SEO consultant

Welcoming your guests and visitors

You can use beacons to provide guests to your hotel, store etc with a warm welcome. Each time a guest walks into your property, he will be sent a welcome notification to his smartphone. Once they enter the premises of your hotel, they can be provided with notification about better rooms along with discounted upgrades for the same. By using beacons you can provide guests with offers about discounts and better offers regarding their choices.

Providing guests with wearable beacon devices

You could consider providing your guests with wearable beacons to wear even when they are outside your hotel. These can be worn on the wrists or around the neck, and can notify them about any travel-friendly destination such as a community center, pub or restaurant. Instead of a wearable device, you may also let them send an app in their smartphone.

Productivity of staffs

If you are in the hospitality sector, you can use beacons to improve the productivity of your staffs. You can log the presence of maintenance crews and housekeepers via beacons. This will remove the requirement for using paper-based records. These can also send alerts in case particular regions have not been maintained according to schedule. Analytics data can also be generated about the amount of time being used for varied activities, in order to evaluate the productivity of staffs.

Getting customer insights

You can also use beacons to collect information about customers and getting insights into their behavior, in order to improve the experience for them. These can be utilized for finding out the amount of time spent by visitors in varied locations of stores, hotels etc and knowing which the most popular spots are. You can spot the profit centers by fitting beacons around your commercial hub, and plan rewards and offers in an according manner.

Why is App Store Ranking so Important?

Why is App Store Ranking so Important?

If you ask someone these days whether they know what mobile apps are, they will laugh in your face. Mobile apps of all sorts are quite in demand these days. The app market is flourishing to such an extent that there are many new applications coming into the app store every day. Thus, if you are looking for a place to launch your application, then app store is the place for you. For this purpose, you need to know what makes an app store tick and that is app store rankings.

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