Why is App Store Ranking so Important?

Why is App Store Ranking so Important?

If you ask someone these days whether they know what mobile apps are, they will laugh in your face. Mobile apps of all sorts are quite in demand these days. The app market is flourishing to such an extent that there are many new applications coming into the app store every day. Thus, if you are looking for a place to launch your application, then app store is the place for you. For this purpose, you need to know what makes an app store tick and that is app store rankings.

Why is it so Important?

According to the analytics, more than 60% of the application is downloaded based on the app store searches. This directly means that optimizing your application and working with ways that will make your application stand out is the key to success.

  • More Exposure

With better ranking in app store results, your application will reach to a very wider user base. If you use the right keywords in the right way, a user from any part of the world will be able to access your application. This can act as a perfect launch pad for your application and attract more users.

  • Higher Ratings

Rating and reviews of the application are very important in giving the application a better app store rating. If your application is rated highly by app store users then it will automatically have more number of downloads and will lead to more review for your application.

  • More Downloads

More users look for what’s new in the app store through their most searched and most downloaded apps. Thus, if you can manage to get into top few positions then it will directly influence downloads. App store rankings can also mean that your brand gets popular which can also very good for your future products and application.

  • Better Recognition

Ranking of an application will automatically create a very positive space in the minds of the customer. They will understand that you are a big name and would be urged to try out your application. This will not only help you in getting downloads on your current application but set the ball rolling for future application.

  • Increase in Business Revenue

Revenue which you get from your application is directly proportional to the number of downloads that the application gets. A higher rated application will be one which more and more users will be using which would provide you better results. If your application is well received in public then advertisers are also willing to pay you more.

The Bottom Line

Now that we have proved how important good app store ranking is for your app, and ultimately, your business, it is time for you to take the first step. Use every single method that you can think of to have better app store rankings for your app and a better future for your business.

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